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GUN LIES | Dan Wos | Dana Loesch NRATV 5\6\19

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Go behind the lies of the Anti-Gun Radicals. Find out what they hoped you would never know. The Book by Dan Wos, RELEASE DATE JUNE 1ST, 2016

​If Anti-Gun Radicals put their money where their mouth is they would march through the south side of Chicago with their picket signs demanding  that the bad guys hand over their guns. Instead, they rally in the suburbs with the hopes that the media will spread their message in a way that won’t  put them in any danger.  

Their mission is to create laws that make it impossible for law-abiding  Americans  to protect  themselves. In the process, they empower the maniacs. Their fear of guns, coupled with misguided radical activism puts everyone in danger... 

GOOD GUN BAD GUY Looks into the mind of the Anti-Gunner and reveals all the things they hoped you would never find out. Learn the tactics used against gun owners to further the anti-gun agenda and mislead the public.


Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical