by Jan Morgan

FOX News Analyst / NRA Certified Instructor


Thirty seconds. It was the last commercial break before I would be live, on national television. The producer with Fox Business Network alerted me in my ear piece that they were coming straight to me at the end of the break.

There I sat, clock ticking, in a studio in Arkansas, linked to a network facility in New York, about to engage in a live debate with a gun hating radical from a national anti-gun organization.

I wasn’t the least bit nervous. After all, the facts are on my side in this issue. This should be a very quick, one sided debate. I was prepared to mop the floor with my guest who was likely armed for debate with nothing more than emotion based rants.

I was correct. This debate was quick and one sided. HER side. Once my opposition began talking, she never stopped. The anchor interrupted her more than once to give me a chance to respond, however, the moment I began to speak, my opposition would begin raising her voice, talking over me and spewing her propaganda.

The segment ended. The anchor apologized for the rude, obnoxious behavior of the other guest and I left wondering what had just happened. I spent the limo ride home second guessing myself. Should I have become angry and raised my voice above the radical to see if I could win the shouting match? I was expecting to engage in intelligent civilized discourse with another adult on the merits of the 2nd Amendment and why her personal irrational fears of guns do not trump my right to bear arms.

Instead, we both walked away accomplishing nothing. Hours later, after re-hashing what happened, I realized why I failed in this encounter. I did not know my enemy. Isn’t that the first rule of war?

The reason the gun hater didn’t let me speak is because she was afraid… afraid of guns… afraid of my facts… afraid of failing her organization. FEAR drives people to strange places where simple logic and facts do not play a role in thought processes.

If only Dan Wos had written this book six months earlier, I would have known exactly who my opposition is, where she’s coming from, and how to help her see the situation with logic rather than fear and anger.

The two sides in the 2nd Amendment debate have been arguing the same talking points for decades. The fact that we are still debating the issue, rather than putting it to rest is a pretty good indicator that neither side is making much progress in swaying people to their side.

This book is going to be my “go to” book for successful engagement with Anti-Gun Radicals. There have been books, documentaries, and blogs about gun rights, complete with statistics and talking points, however, there has never to my knowledge, been a book written about the mindset of those who want to take away our gun rights.

Dan Wos takes us inside the minds of these people. He does this in a way that no one else can because he was once ONE OF THEM.

Every gun owning American needs to own and read this book. It will help you understand the motives and explore the reasoning behind these radical gun grabbers. Knowing and understanding them is the first step to defeating them.

Dan Wos was transformed. He is now one of us. My hope is that millions of gun owners will read this book and become better warriors on the 2nd Amendment front. A few of us on the national level, fighting this battle, are not enough.

Never underestimate the power of intelligent gun owners in large numbers. If we all do our part in our own communities to begin reshaping the views of our local anti-gun friends and neighbors, we will win this battle nationally. This book is your training manual.


I’ve always been fascinated by how people make decisions in life. What causes one person to take a specific action in a certain circumstance, while another person takes a completely different action under the same circumstance. Thoughts trigger actions, but beliefs germinate thoughts. It’s a person’s beliefs that ultimately create their life path, their viewpoint and where they focus their passion.

 This book is for those who believe that personal defense is not only a right but a duty. It’s a book written not to boost the morale of Pro-Gunners but to help define the thought process of the Anti-Gunners. Understanding their beliefs will better help us help them see the situation with logic rather than reactive fear or anger.

It would seem that the Constitution is under attack by bureaucrats and others doing everything they can to restrict the ability of good Americans to defend themselves and their families. The support for gun-restrictions by left-wing politicians (including the President) has been fueled by dishonest statistics, misleading rhetoric and unethical media practices. Although it has been a very difficult task defending our rights, real Americans in support of the right to bear arms have come out in droves. It has truly been a patriotic movement and a very proud (yet tedious) fight for those who believe in personal liberty under the stars and stripes.

Many books have been written in support of gun rights and many patriotic celebrities have put their reputations on the line in defense of law-abiding gun owners across this country. I hold great respect and admiration for them.

I have noticed that although the books, movies, and other media that have come out in support of American liberty and gun rights have been necessary, there has been an absence of talk on the topic of the mindset of those who want to take away the rights of the American people. I felt a need to expose the motives and explore the thought process of the radical gun-grabbing “Americans” that walk among us. It’s important to understand the motives of those who constantly assault you because it helps in understanding how to defeat them and/or help them. There has never been a stronger need than now to reverse course and re-implement healthy, traditional American values into our society.  I hope that we Americans (those who believe in and abide by the Constitution) use this time wisely and take back our country from those who are mistreating, misrepresenting and disrespecting it. Once our rights and liberties are gone, they are gone forever. I know there are millions of people who are not willing to let that happen. To you I write this book.

Does the photo on the cover of this book cause a reaction in you? What kind of reaction? Was it one of fear, curiosity, anger, excitement, comfort, or something else? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you feel a certain way when confronted with a stimulating image, sound, odor or taste? Throughout Good Gun Bad Guy we will explore what causes these feelings and why we do what we do, but most importantly we will explore the mind of the Anti-Gunner without their consent.

I understand there are some people who respect the 2nd Amendment but would like to see more restrictions placed on guns because they still blame violence on guns and not the people using them. To those people, I say, there are plenty of laws already. Maybe enforcing the laws already on the books would be a good focus point for you. Then, there are those who just want guns to go away forever. They are the ones who do not want to hear logic, don’t care what anyone has to say in defense of the 2nd Amendment and only believe the radical anti-gun views that are spoon-fed to them through their TV screen and social media feed. They are the focus of this book. They are the ones I endearingly refer to as the Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals. To them I say, we will fight like angry hornets to preserve and defend our rights if we must, and we will not negotiate. The Anti-2nd Radicals will not even be given a seat at the negotiating table because the 2nd Amendment is not up for debate.

When I refer to an Anti-Gunner, I am referring to a person who in general does not like guns, has a great fear of guns, has no real experience with guns and would prefer they be removed from society. An Anti-Gunner generally believes that guns are the cause of shootings. An Anti-Gunner may still have respect for the Constitution and the rights of the people but would not be opposed to heavy gun restrictions. An Anti-Gunner may not necessarily want to see people lose their Constitutional rights and they are not freedom-hating statists. They just want to feel safe and may have innocently been misled by rhetoric from Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein and the likes thereof.

An Anti-2nd Amendment Radical has most of the same traits as an Anti-Gunner but would also like to see the 2nd Amendment repealed. These are the people who fight hard and do everything they can to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals would love to see gun owners completely disarmed. They welcome complete government control over all guns and they claim anyone with a gun is potentially dangerous. They denounce and deny the words in the 2nd Amendment and they would cheer in the  streets should the 2nd Amendment be repealed and gun owners finally under complete control of a Government they put in office. Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals do not entertain pro-gun statistics, philosophies or the rights of the people under the Constitution. They only want to win the fight against gun owners to ultimately see them unarmed and helpless. They want control, they want no armed opposition and they know they are lying.

If you smiled while reading that, you might be an Anti-2nd Amendment Radical. Good Gun Bad Guy focuses on this group of people.

Anti-Gunners will benefit from this book because they will get insight from a source they would not normally hear from. The information here is not what you see on CNN. The Pro-Gunners will benefit from this book because they will gain a window into the minds of those who want to see their rights taken away. Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals will not like this book at all, as it shines the light of truth on them.

Many books have been written about gun laws, gun statistics, and the rights of gun owners, but none have been written about what is going on in the minds of those who believe guns should be eliminated from society….until now.

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