6/20/18 Dan Wos talks with Bill Frady on Lock N Load Radio. Topics include the difference between liberal and conservative ideologies, how many people actually carry concealed, The differences in gun-laws in New York City and other parts of New York among many other topics. 

Dan Wos on NRA TV with Grant Stinchfield. Talking about the Anti-Gun Lobby, their tactics and also Dan's personal story. 4/6/17

Dan Wos - 2nd Amendment Advocate and Author of Good Gun Bad Guy interviewed by Amanda and Rob from Eye on the Target Radio. Talking about Rights and Privileges, Militia, and much more. Amanda tells a story of a woman freaking out over the photo on the cover of Good Gun Bad Guy. 9/18/17


SITUATIONAL AWARENESS | Michael Hart Show | Dan Wos 1/11/19​​​

POT AND GUNS | KRMS | Dan Wos 11 19 18

American Family Radio interview with Dan Wos.  Hosted by Bryan Fischer 6/17/16

Dan Wos interview on the Voice of Freedom in Tallahassee, FL with Greg Marr Jr. 1/10/17 

Dan Wos interview with Mark Ramer on the ​Answer 96.5 11/13/16

2/20/18 Dan Wos and Bill Frady talk about the Florida killing and the dangers of Gun Free Zones on Lock n Load Radio

4/16/18 Dan Wos and Kevin Burns talk on KRMS about the National 2nd Amendment Rallies on 4/14/18, how age restrictions are an easy way to legislate, Dicks Sporting Goods losing  value over their new gun-policies, Firearms training in schools and much more. 

Favorite quote from the show, "There are some 15 year olds who are very responsible, and there are some 40 year olds who I wouldn't trust with a slingshot." - Dan Wos

2/15/18 Dan talks with Greg Marr Jr. on The Voice of Freedom Today in Tallahassee, Florida the day after the Florida school killing.  Political Correctness be damned.

Nevada College Professor shoots himself in protest to Donald Trump | KRMS Radio | Dan Wos 9 17 18

RED FLAG LAWS KILL | Dan Wos | Good Gun Bad Guy 2018

Dan Wos interview on the Michael Hart show  5/9/17, Talking about the responsibility that comes with gun ownership, his personal story, the gun-narrative and more 

3/14/18 Dan Wos and Kevin Burns talk in depth about how the media uses children to push for gun-control after the Parkland Florida killing.

1/26/18 Dan Wos on Bill Frady's LOCK N LOAD Radio show with​ Rob Morse and Bob Mayne. Dissecting Anti-Gun headlines and exposing the propaganda from biased media.

Dan Wos interview on Gun Owners News Hour with Larry Pratt 11/12/16

POLITICAL HYPOCRISY | Michael Hart Show | Dan Wos 3/15/19

Anti-gunners like to spread lies about guns. We all know this! Dan Wos destroys them every time by exposing their lies, strategies and tactics.

Dan Wos interview on the Michael Hart show  2/15/17, Talking about the responsibility that comes with gun ownership, the gun-narrative and more 

11.12.17: Tom talks with author Dan Wos, an anti-gunner turned pro-gun, about his new book "Good Gun Bad Guy." (http://www.goodgunbadguy.net/) Plus, increased security measures at gun shows, and what's changed - the Second Amendment, or society? Tom Gresham's Gun Talk® airs live on Sundays from 2PM-5PM Eastern, and runs on hundreds of radio stations nationwide. This gun-centric show features everything from new products to politics. 


Dan Wos interview on Sarah Palin's Mama Grizzly Radio show with Kevin Scholla 1/24/17 talking about Trump election, the gun-narrative and more

Dan Wos on the Voice of Freedom with Greg Marr Jr. Tallahassee, Florida 7_19_17

Dan Wos on NRA TV with Cam Edwards. CAM & CO. Talking about Anti-Gun strategies and the 2nd Amendment. Also sharing what is in the book. 4/14/17

2/26/18 Dan, Amanda and Rob discuss the Parkland Florida killing, gun-rights, and many other topics that relate to the 2nd Amendment o Eye on the Target Radio. Very in-depth and packed with great information.

9_6_18 In-depth interview with Dan Wos on the Out of Order Podcast. Dan talks about his transformation from Anti-Gun to Pro-Gun Advocate.

4/27/18 Dan Wos and Lynne Roberts talk with Dave Kopacz on Red Pill Politics. An in-depth conversation on gun-rights and gun-policies.


T9_1_18 Bill Frady interviews Dan Wos on Gun Owners News Hour and the main topic of discussion in NY State gun laws. Bill and Dan discuss the NY Safe Act, Concealed Carry, State to State Reciprocity and much more.

Photos with friends. Book signing. your paragraph here.

Dan Wos DESTROYS Kamala's Gun Grab

GUN LAWS AND THE RADICAL LEFT | Dan Wos | Keith Hanson Show 4/16/19

Fake Liberal Wild West | Michael Hart Show | Dan Wos 11_12_18

2/28/18 An interview with Dan Wos on the Joyce Kaufman show. Dan and Joyce talk about the Parkland Florida school killing and how the media portrays the event.

THE INFAMOUS "MANIFESTO" AND MEDIA LIES | Schilling Show | Dan Wos 5/8/19

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS | Michael Hart Show | 11/30/18

8/16/8 A fast past interview with Jan Morgan and Dan Wos hosted by Bill Frady. loaded with info on Red Flag laws, anti-gun strategies and lots more. Don't miss this one. 

4/10/18 Dan Wos on Remso Republic Podcast. talking about the making of Good Gun Bad Guy 2, the hypocrisy of the Gun-Grabbers and many other things gun-related. An insightful interview that goes deep into the conversation and exposes the strategies and tactics of the Left.

Media Misinformation | Gun Talk Radio, Tom Gresham | Dan Wos

8/20/18 Dan Wos and Kevin Burns talk about gun-rights, racism and many other societal topics. A very in-depth, insightful conversation. 

Dan Wos talks about the dangerous policies of left-wing Anti-Gunners

5/22/18 Dan Wos and Bill Frady talk about the fundamental differences between people on the Left and Right and how it affects gun rights in America. It’s not a privilege, it’s my right. Support the 2nd Amendment: 

KRMS Radio interview with Dan Wos and Jan Morgan. Hosted by Kevin Burns 6/15/16

1/17/18 Dan Wos talk with Greg S. Marr and Bobby Mac on the Voice of Freedom Radio in Tallahassee, Florida. An in-depth interview exposing the Bumpstock lies, . Dan explains why it is important to resist any and all gun restrictions..

11/17/17 Dan Wos and  Kevin Burns from KRMS radio in Missouri talk about the military, mental health, drugs and how they relate to gun-ownership. In-depth conversation.

2/6/18 Dan Wos talks with Paul Harrell on Conduit News Radio. Dan and Paul talk about the fear of guns and what the 2nd Amendment means to Americans. Also, mentions of Jan Morgan as she runs for Governor of Arkansas.

The Gun-Grabbing Godless Left | Narrative by Dan Wos

Dan Wos, Good Gun Bad Guy, NRATV, Cam & Company, Cam Edwards


10/10/17 Dan Wos on the Remso Republic Podcast with Remso Martinez. Talking about the Las Vegas killings and the left's push for more gun-regulations.

FAST CARS, LOUD GUITARS AND GUNS | Black Man with a Gun, Kenn Blanchard | Dan Wos 1/3/19


9/26/18 Bill Frady interviews Dan Wos on Lock N Load Radio. This in-depth discussion includes, Cody Wilson, The Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) and the Kavanaugh situation.

7/10/17 Dan Wos on NRA TV with Grant Stinchfield. Talking about the Anti-Gun hypocrisy and Narcissistic strategies being used by the Anti-Gun Lobby.

RED FLAG LAWS | Dan Wos | Gun Owners of America

Dan Wos and Thayrone X on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Talking about Chuck Berry and the 2nd Amendment 3/20/17


Good Gun Bad Guy Interview Dan Wos on 96.5 "The Answer" Little Rock, AR with Mark Ramer 8/20/16

6/22/18 Dan Wos at the D.C. Project Rally at the Capitol in Washington DC on 6_22_18. Dan talks about the right to keep and bear arms and the differences between the Left and Right ideologies.

11/8/18 WNYT 13 Albany, NY | Dan Wos discusses over-reaching NY State gun laws. with Dan Levy.

It's not the Bill of Needs | Gun Freedom Radio | Dan Wos 10_31_18

3/14/18  Cheryl and Dan Todd talk with Dan Wos on Gun Freedom Radio. The topic of discussion is freedom, rights and how the left is working hard at destroying the American dream.

6/16/18 Author Dan Wos speaks about his two books "Good Gun Bad Guy" and "Good Gun Bad Guy 2" at the 5th Annual Flag Day 2nd Amendment Rally in Belchertown, MA Saturday June 16.

9/22/18 Craig Deluz from Firearms Policy Coalition interviews Dan Wos on the topic of gun-fear. This interview was done on 9/22/18 at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago, IL

7/20/18 Dan Wos and Kevin Burns talk about New York's 21st District Democrat Tedra Cobb getting caught on tape lying about her position on guns. Also, Cody Wilson's 3-d printed guns and his win in court to be able to publish 3-d printable data.

Dan Wos interview on the Morning Magazine with Kevin Burns 12/26/16 talking about gun rights, state to state reciprocity and more

9/22/18 Dan Wos and Mark Walters talk about Good Gun Bad Guy and the Anti-Gun Radicals on Armed American Radio. This interview was taken at the Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) on 9/22/18 in Chicago. Mark asks Dan to explain his views on how the Anti-Gun Radicals instill fear in people when the topic of guns comes up. This is a short interview but quickly gets to an in-depth part of the overall gun-conversation. Dan will quickly explain how fear and hate consume Anti-Gunners and how they get misled and manipulated by the Anti-Gun Lobby. Originally aired on over 200 stations across the USA.



10/23/17 Dan Wos on NRA TV with Grant Stinchfield. Talking about the push for more gun-regulations.

7/3/18 Dan Wos and Paul Harrell talk about Independence day, Kicking the Democrats out of the Popular Table, Rights and Privileges and how the LEFT psychologically conditions their people. The discussion also covers how Democrats want more laws while Conservatives try to preserve freedom and the #WALKAWAY movement.

 Media Trickery |  Michael Hart Show | Dan Wos 10/12/18

KRMS Radio interview with Dan Wos. Hosted by Kevin Burns 8/4/16

10_9_18 WHY ANTI-GUNNERS DON'T GET IT | Christopher Maider  | Dan Wos

Good Gun Bad Guy Interview Dan Wos and Jan Morgan 8_14_16 Hot Springs, AR

Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical



9/30/18 Amanda and Rob from Eye on the Target Radio interview Dan Wos and talk about the psychology behind Gun_fear and how Dan is able to recognize Anti-Gun Propaganda that often goes unseen. This interview was done on 

10/15/18 Left Wing Violence | KRMS radio | Dan Wos Wing Violence | KRMS radio | Dan Wos

Dan Wos on Gun Freedom Radio with Cheryl and Dan Todd. Talking about the way media packages anti-gun rhetoric and propaganda 4/1/17

​​​​GUNS IN CHURCHES | Michael Hart Show | Dan Wos 2/1/19

Good Gun Bad Guy Interview Dan Wos and Jan Morgan on 96.5 "The Answer" Little Rock, AR with Mark Ramer 9/17/16.

6/11/18 Dan Wos on a special Father's Day edition of Gun Freedom radio. Talking about guns and family, the importance of handing down good gun values and respect of freedom to future generations. Dan also talks about the love of freedom and gun rights in this country along with the few pockets of anti-gun freedom hating people as well.

A few shots from a photo shoot with Jan Morgan


2/5/18 Dan Wos talks with Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio. An in-depth discussion of how the media influences the minds of unsuspecting viewers as it relates to guns and other topics.

Mid-Term Election 2018 Analysis | Conduit News | Dan Wos 11/7/18

2/19/18 Bill Frady interviews Dan Wos about Gun Free Zones after the 2018 Florida killing. Dan does not hold back with his opinions about the hypocrisy of anti-gunners and the manipulation of the media. Dan also talks about the GunFree School Zones Act

4/11/18 Dan Wos and Greg Marr Jr. Talk about the new gun law passed in Leon County Florida and the InSaNiTy of the gun-grabbers.

3/29/18 Dan Wos and Bill Frady talk about the misguided youth protestors from Parkland, Florida, their shameful Anti-gun parents, the rise and fall of David Hogg, illogical kids rallying to surrender their own rights, the changes in the music industry, our current American culture, the difficulty in taking Anti-Gunners seriously, how gun-control doesn't work, the way 15 year olds think they can dictate gun-policy, and the idea of arming teachers. A jam-packed interview.

Maryland Gun Confiscation | Lock N Load Radio | Dan Wos 11/15/18

​​IGNORANCE OF ANTI-GUNNERS | Lock n Load Radio | Dan Wos 1_10_19

Dan Wos on NRA TV with Cam Edwards. CAM & CO. Talking about gun-restrictions and the 2nd Amendment. 8/29/17